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Poser Utilites


PInstall is a standalone application which allows you to install poser library objects (characters, poses, textures, etc) without needing to figure out which files go in which Poser subdirectory--PInstall does it for you. You don't even have to unzip library files stored in zip archives. Also, you can use PInstall to unzip and install a variable number of archives automatically!


Product: PInstall
Price: $9.95

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BatchGen - the batch script creator for Poser. BatchGen creates Python scripts that can be used to render multiple Poser files automatically. With the scripts it creates you can render a animations from multiple files and multiple cameras while you sleep


Product: BatchGen 
Price: $4.95

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A Python script which will adjust walk-designer created walk animations so your characters can walk with high-heel shoes or boots. 

View "before" video
View "after" video

Version: 1.0
Price: $5.00
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 Free Stuff Python script for creating MAT pose files Python script to render each figure and prop separately. (Child props and conforming clothes are rendered with the figure).

fix_falloff.mse Maxscript to fix the transparency falloff problem with importing Poser scenes using the Pro Pack plugin.

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